Quality Management

If it doesn't shape up, It doesn't ship out.

At Santa Fe Rubber, computer-integrated management is used throughout key manufacturing steps to ensure product quality is maintained during the manufacturing process. Data on cure characteristics and physical properties of elastomer compounds, process parameters such as press temperature, and critical dimensions of molded parts are continuously collected. Data are then analyzed and any necessary corrections are made immediately.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Test Equipment #1
Optical Comparator
Our optical comparator accurately measures dimensions to .0001 inch without even touching the part.
During manufacturing, parts are dimensionally checked at regular intervals and the data entered into our computer. The computer creates statistical process control charts which are used to monitor and control our manufacturing operations. Test Equipment #1
Test Equipment #1
Our rheometer allows us to check our material batch-to-batch consistency by accurately measuring the rate and state of vulcanization.
Using a tensometer, each compound is tested for strength and elasticity. Test Equipment #1

Quality You can count on!

Santa Fe Rubber believes that quality is the true measure of a world-class manufacturer. We invest heavily in upgrading and adding to our manufacturing and laboratory facilities. We have rigorous training program for new employees, and on going quality seminars for experienced personnel.

Using statistical process control (SPC) wherever feasible, we strive to achieve zero defect levels in all aspects of our operations. In addition, we're constantly monitoring and improving our cost of quality.

From quality assurance capability surveys of our vendors to process capability studies for determining if a tool can constantly produce to customer expectations, we work in partnership with both our suppliers and customers. This has allowed Santa Fe Rubber to achieve certification from numerous customers as a ship-to-stock supplier of custom parts.

Team Effort

Santa Fe Rubber's team effort also includes such value added functions as EDI, stocking programs, custom labeling and bar coding. Maintaining such high quality standards requires the best tools available. Santa Fe Rubber operates one of the most complete and modern rubber laboratories on the West Coast. Occupying over 2,000 square feet we use the following equipment to insure quality you can count on.

6" x 12" Rubber Processing Mill
Monsanto Tensometer 10, Electonic Tensile Tester
Monsanto Model R-100 Rheometer
8" laboratory heated platen presses
Blue M Relative Humidity Chamber
Scherr Tumico Optical Comparator with Digital Readout accurate to 0.00001"
Blue M Aging ovens
Blue M Aging bath
Mettler Todedo analytical balances
Mitutoyo gage block set
Mettler Toledo Differential Scanning Calorimeter
SDL Atlas Ozone Chamber
EDI & Bar coding software
SPC PC-IV Software

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